Thursday, June 10, 2010

Flash Data Grid Table

This time I'll let my work do some of the talking. Here is my Flash Data Grid solution coded in Flash CS3 entirely from ActionScript.

You will notice it has timed MouseOvers (multiple are allowed) and it also sorts. Some things you will not notice unless you attempt to use it for yourself is that it is highly configurable via xml. You don't need a flash editor to edit most of the positioning and columns. You will also notice that while it does have defaults if you don't specify, you can specify from JavaScript or HTML which XMLs you want it to load. This make it more extensible to many different needs.

It uses three XMLs, one specifies the styles.

To view the ActionScript files, click on the links below:
Cell Rendering class
Header Rendering class
Money Formatting class
Data Grid Component Main class

and I borrowed this one so credit goes to Jin Li for the XMLLoad class:

XML Loader

This table does start to lag when it gets really big. But it loads and performs significantly better than HTML in IE for such large data sets.

Lest you suppose that that's all, there was code one on the .fla too. Here it is compiled from three pages:

FLA code

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